Hyper Sentinel Demo

Download the FREE Hyper Sentinel demo for PC, Mac and Android. We also have a limited number of iOS demos.

Note: Demo is WIP and not representative of final game quality.

Version 1.3.0

PC Demo (Windows)

PC Demo (Linux)*

Mac Demo


Android Demo (Beta Invite)

* We are a small team and although we have tested the Linux version as far as we can, it is probable that bugs will exist on different setups. We would appreciate the help of the Linux community in testing and fine tuning. Please note we only support 64bit installs of Linux.

Known issues include:

  1. Trouble with X360/XB1 controllers. Stick movements not being detected being the main one. After installing a new driver that seemed to clear most issues up.  
  2. Steam controller needed a config, that emulated a standard game pad, to be installed via Steam. After that things were good.  
  3. Running with the default display drivers gave a poor frame rate but installing the latest NVidia drivers got us back to 60hz.

** We have a limited number of iOS beta invites by request only, on a first come first served basis. The iOS demo is also an older demo, as the newer version is yet to go through full Apple approval.